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One SIGN At a Time

City Signs - San Antonio

CITY SIGNS – San Antonio was established in 2005 as a small vinyl sign shop making everything from exterior business signs to large vinyl decorative signs. Fast forward 18 years and we are now a Texas licensed electrical contractor sign company.

Our fleet of cranes allow us to handle ALL types of installations & repairs for all kinds of signage. From metal signs to monument and pylon signs – we do it all.  We pride ourselves on our reputation and professionalism. CITY SIGNS – San Antonio has the knowledge and experience to handle large commercial detailed installations.

We are an approved subcontractor for large companies in San Antonio. We take great pride that local million dollar commercial signage companies in San Antonio trust us to represent them.

Why Work with City Signs?

City Signs – San Antonio has built its strong reputation by offering businesses custom sign services. We use the latest techniques to promote and highlight your business’ key aspects, helping you make an impression on potential customers while also standing out from other companies.

City Signs is well-equipped with comprehensive services such as tailored design options, high-grade materials for construction/installation purposes along with maintenance support and more.

Outdoor Signage Options

City Signs – San Antonio offers a personalized service for businesses when it comes to outdoor signs. With an extensive selection of options, including pole signs, monument signs, and general storefront signage.

The aim behind commercial outdoor signage advertising is to raise awareness and recognition within the local community. With our range of services, this is not too difficult a task!

We provide a selection of outdoor signs such as monuments and pylons. Monument signage is installed on the ground level while pylon signs are higher, normally 20 feet tall or more. 

While monument signage provide long-term durability and resistance to wear & tear, opting for pylon signs gives you an affordable choice with easy modifications available in the future if needed. The installation process varies depending upon their type/location. Requiring a concrete foundation and anchor points for fixed mounting of both options respectively.

When selecting your desired sign option, gain peace of mind that it will be professionally installed.

Businesses can benefit from the distinct and professional look of channel letters. These San Antonio signs, produced in metal, plastic or acrylic materials, as well as LED lighting to provide energy efficiency, are an ideal way for brands to stand out among competitors in the busy cityscape. 

Channel lettering is available in standard, reverse and open face styles so that each business’s individual needs will be met perfectly.

When choosing a sign option that meets your specific requirements while staying within budget, consider investing into different kinds of crafted channel letters. They have been proven successful time after time by many local businesses in the area.

Elevate your business’s presence with our Sign Repair & Maintenance services! Specializing in commercial signage, we ensure your brand’s first impression is always looking its best. 

From weather wear and tear to lighting issues, our team is equipped to handle all your maintenance needs, ensuring your signs always represent your business at its best. Note: We focus exclusively on commercial signage and do not provide services for personal items such as beer signs.

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City Signs – San Antonio is here to ensure that your business sign is built properly from start to finish. We take great pride in our work and customer service above all.

Choose a trusted sign expert for your next project. We take on any type of signage project big or small. Contact us today for a free estimate.

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Sign Installation Services

Rely on the experienced team at City Signs – San Antonio for all your custom sign installation needs. 

Interior and exterior signage will receive the required attention from our dedicated technicians, ensuring that your sign is built to last and  continues to make a strong impression in the marketplace.

Why work with City Signs?

When you choose City Signs for your signage needs, you’re choosing a team that excels in creating, installing, repairing, and maintaining signs to meet your exact business requirements.

Our signs are made from durable materials that last, ensuring your brand shines brighter and stands taller than the rest. Whether your signs are outdoors or need a touch-up, we’re with you every step of the way.

Trust in City Signs – San Antonio for your next signage project. We’re known for our quality and commitment, ensuring you won’t be disappointed. Let us help your brand make a lasting impression.

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