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What exactly is pylon signage?

what is pylon signage

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Do you find the term “pylon signage” confusing and don’t understand its definition? Don’t worry – we all experience that at some point or another! Let’s demystify this term together.

Pylon signage is more than a simple sign. Imagine those tall structures found at shopping mall entrances and gas stations that display logos and names of businesses at great distance. That is exactly what pylon signs represent!

Delving Deeper: Types of Pylon Signs

Just as every business is unique, so is every pylon sign. Depending on its purpose, structure, and design, there are several types of pylon signs. Some of the common ones include:

Illuminated Pylon Signs:

These shine brightly, even in the dark. Perfect for businesses operating 24/7.

Non-illuminated Pylon Signs:

Simple, yet effective. They lack lights but make up for it with their striking designs and colors.

Multi-Tenant Pylon Signs:

Imagine multiple brands displayed on one tall sign, like at shopping centers. That’s what this is.

Directional Pylon Signs:

Found near highways or large complexes, they guide visitors towards their destination.

Why Your Business Should Consider a Pylon Sign


why your business should consider a pylon sign

Why would I want a pylon sign?” Well, allow me to paint you a picture. Think back to when you were driving down the highway looking for a gas station and noticed one thanks to its tall sign in the distance – that’s the power of pylon signage!

Pylon signs increase your brand’s visibility by drawing customers in from far away. They exclaim, “Hey! We’re right here! Come on in!”

Pylon Sign vs. Monument Sign: Deciphering the Differences


differences between monument and pylon signage

Now, a common confusion many folks have is between pylon signs and monument signs. Let’s clear the air.

A pylon sign, as you now know, is tall and stands high off the ground. Monument signs, on the other hand, are closer to the ground and are often found marking the entrances to corporate offices, parks, or subdivisions.

Making the Choice: Pylon or Monument Sign?


So when should you pick one over another?

If your business is located near a highway or requires maximum visibility from a distance, pylon signs are an effective solution. They catch people’s eyes as they pass by and ensure you don’t lose out on potential customers.

However, if aesthetics is of primary concern to you and you want your signage to fit seamlessly with landscaping or your business is in a residential area, monument signs offer the ideal solution – subtle yet effective signage solutions.

The Power of Professionals


Lastly, while you might feel the urge to DIY everything, there’s undeniable value in working with a professional when it comes to pylon signage services. They bring expertise, design skills, and the technical know-how to make your sign stand out. It’s not just about creating a sign; it’s about crafting a beacon for your brand.

And there we have it! From understanding “what is pylon signage” to discerning when to opt for it, we’ve covered the A to Z. As with all things in business, make informed decisions, and your brand will shine—quite literally if you go for that illuminated pylon sign!

Wrapping Up the World of Pylon Signage


As business and marketing continues to become more commoditized, standing out is more than simply an admirable goal – it is an imperative.

Pylon signage offers businesses an opportunity to elevate their brand and establish a distinct presence in the marketplace.

Opting for either a pylon sign or its close cousin, monument signs, will depend on your brand’s needs and desired message. Either way, investing in quality signage is investing in the future of your business.

Hiring professionals ensures your sign will stand out and look its best! Here’s to making informed decisions and creating signs that lead the way!

FAQs on Pylon Signage


What does pylon sign mean?


A pylon sign is a freestanding structure, usually tall and prominently displayed, that advertises a business or multiple businesses. Think of those towering signs near highways or shopping centers that showcase company logos and names.

What is the main difference between monument signs and pylon signs?


While both serve as outdoor advertisements, the primary difference lies in their height and positioning. Pylon signs are tall and elevated, making them visible from a distance, especially on highways. Monument signs, however, are lower to the ground, offering a more integrated, often elegant appearance near entrances.

What are pylon signs made of?


Pylon signs are made with durable materials like steel or aluminum for their framework, with acrylic, polycarbonate or flexible-face material used as signage material ensuring longevity and visibility under different weather conditions.

What are the different types of pylon signs?


Pylon signs offer many options to meet the specific requirements and location needs of businesses. You have your choice between illuminated or non-illuminated signs, multi-tenant (showcasing multiple businesses), single-tenant or directional. Your decision may depend on specific business requirements.